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AC Cooling Towers:

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AC Cooling Towers    

Cooling Towers work by using evaporation cooling. Water is pumped to the top of the cooling tower where the water flows down some flow plates to the cooling tower basin. As the water is flowing down the flow plates air is pulled through the plates and over the water where it releases heat through evaporation. After the water has released the heat it is then pumped back through piping to a chiller barrel where it absorbs more heat and then returns to the cooling tower. Because of evaporation the cooling tower system is equipped with a float that controls the level of water in the basin to prevent the water from evaporating away and giving the system a shot of fresh water called make-up water.
image holderWhen the float drops below a predetermined level a valve is opened introducing make-up water into the cooling tower system. The make-up water is generally supplied from the city water supply or even a well. High efficiency cooling towers have variable frequency drives that can be controlled by a reset schedule based on outside ambient air temperature. This feature saves energy by allowing the fan to run at lower speeds based on lower temperatures outside. HVAC Cooling towers also require water treatment chemicals and regular maintenance for cleaning, belt and motor maintenance. Some cooling towers use filters to filter unwanted particles from the water and leaves it as a high pressure hot vapor.